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Basic financial literacy orientation helps young and old people and students (adults) build the necessary skills to effectively manage their personal finances. Financial products and services from banks and non-bank institutions are becoming increasingly complex. Financial advisors are becoming an essential part of financial and family management. What is a credit card and how to use it? The seemingly simple question, but the reality? People with poor credit status (bad credit history in the United States) are doing more and more of the bad financial decisions. How to change it? Basic but comprehensive financial education is essential! You can start here. Do you have any question about a financial product (loans, mortgages) in your area (neighborhood)? Use discussion forum and submit a financial question for free!
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Financial Products (Loans)
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Financial Questions to Ask?
Do not forget, financial law is very broad and varies according to country or state and its legislation. If you are searching the best loan in Andorra, small business loan, mortgage (refinancing, today's interest rates) or any other financial product, do not forget on local rules, limits and regulations! Always follow local laws and financial system (bank vs non-bank loans, mortgages vs home equity loans in US etc.) You are not alone! Do you have any financial problem? Share your thoughts (debts, high payments, bad credit situation) with other users. You can ask any question relevant to the topics such as loans (personal or business loans, auto loan), mortgages (refinancing, current rates, online calculators), credit cards (advantages & disadvantages, types of insurance, discount percentage, reputable programs, etc.) and many other of financial topics.
Types of Credit Cards
Especiall in the United States, there is a lot of banks with so many types of credit cards. Americans have a credit card for every single type of activity. Very popular are low interest credit cards, no annual fee cards or prepaid debit cards for students. It depends what you are looking for. Remember, credit card is different from a charge card (balance have to be paid in full each month). Do you spent a lot of money through your credit card every month? You have to focus yourself on cash back cards to reward or prepaid & debit cards with 0% APR. Which bank or credit card company is the best? Neither! One advantage is redeemed by one or two drawbacks! Your objective is to find the best credit card for your needs. The most widely used credit cards in the United States is American Express or Bank of America (credit and debit card). Other brands: Barclaycard, Capital One, Chase, Citi Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, JCB and many others. Like loans, there are also unsecured or secured credit card (controlled via the internet - 3d secure). Are you searching for a well rated no annual fee card? Read reviews of credit cards in Andorra.
  • Low Interest (low fixed rate APR)
  • Balance Transfers (consolidate credit card )
  • 0% APR (cashback bonus + 0% APR)
  • Rewards (bonus program)
  • Cash Back (incentives and rebate programs)
  • Travel & Airline
  • Hotel (points for hotel travel expenses)
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • Cards for Business
  • Cards for Students
  • Prepaid & Debit Cards
  • Secured Credit Cards
  • Top Offers (featured credit cards)
  • Personal Loans (social lending alternative)
  • MasterCard® - Electronic
  • Visa® Credit Cards
Keep in mind, there are credit cards divided according to the client's creditworthiness (personal credit history). There are credit cards for people with limited credit or no credit history. Its not possible to re-build or re-establish your credit history with a new credit card. Keep account balances low relative to the credit limit, it is key to rebuilding your credit history (U.S). A good choice for people with bad credit history! If you got fair or good credit history, enjoy bonuses. Capital one® Venture® Rewards Credit Card is for peoples with excellent credit only.
Choose Financial Product
Choosing the correct and appropriate financial product is an essential and long-term decisions. It depends on the location and the banking system, which is almost always limited by the government and regulations (laws) of the state. Under this text is extensive (incomplete) list of banking products (different types of loans, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, etc.), which are available in your country.
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Reverse Mortgage (Refinance)
Refinancing (mortgage or personal loan) may refer to the replacement of an existing debt obligation (better conditions, lower fees, zero interest) with another under different terms (terms and conditions of individual banks). Terms and conditions of mortgage refinancing may vary widely by country or state. When and why to refinance an existing loan or mortgage? You have to use mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance and extra payments to get maximum information about your regular payments. How to conclude a mortgage refinance no closing costs? What are actual mortgage rates on rental property? Reverse mortgage is a home loan that provides cash payments based on home equity (the value of the house = maximum amount of the mortgage). Homeowners can defer payment of the loan until they die or move out of the home. Reverse mortgage (HECM) mean, you can borrow money against the value of your home.
Questions & Answers: FAQ
  • Mortgage refinance requirements and limits?
  • Refinancing lenders (banks, mortgage consultants) often require a percentage of the total loan amount as an upfront payment (this is the basic requirement - coverage). You can increase or decrease the term of your mortgage. Just like lowering your interest rate when refinancing.
  • How does reverse mortgage refinancing work?
  • Practically every mortgage company also help property owners refinance existing loans if they are having financial difficulties (fees, interest rates, insurance prices) or might benefit from new product terms.
  • How to get a mortgage preapproval (calculator)?
  • What is the meaning of pre-approved mortgage? Prior approval of the mortgage loan is dependent mainly on your current debt and credit score. Remember, Even if you receive a pre-approval letter from a lender (bank officer or mortgage consultant), you are not guaranteed a specific rate or loan term. If you wanna to calculate your loan pre-qualification, you may use loan prequalification calculator on bankrate.com - determine your ability to qualify for a loan.
  • Bill consolidation loans for bad credit?
  • Of course, you want to eliminate your debt and slash your monthly payments to a minimum! One option is the debt consolidation for people with bad credit history. Another option is to refinance existing loans and mortgages.

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